V2.22 - Latest Software + MikroKopter Tool
(ZIP Archive)

Informations about the latest software can be found here: Link

Please use the MKUSB for an update !!!

Setting "MK-Easy"
Ready set 16-channel setting for your MikroKopter.
Channel setting "MK-Easy" as PDF:

Latest "FTDI"-driver for:
* RangeExtender
* Bluetooth Set
* Wi.232 Set

To view and analyze the LOG files stored on the SD card.
Informations about the program: Link

Created text files needed for photogrammetry.
Informations about the program: Link

The current software for the MikroKopter supports the hardware version:

  • FlightCtrl V2.1 / V2.5 / V3.0
    all NaviCtrl

  • Informations how install the software can be found here: Link

  • !!! Older hardware (FlightCtrl V2.0 / V1.x) are incompatible with the current SW version !!!
    The last compatible software version can be downloaded here: Download V2.12

Setting "ARF-Okto"
For older copter you can find here the 12-channel setting "ARF-Okto" for your MikroKopter: DOWNLOAD

Channel setting "ARF-Okto" as PDF: